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The Team

At Lowered Status Uk, we are a team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about the lowered lifestyle scene. We take pride in curating a collection of products that embody the essence of this unique lifestyle, allowing our customers to express themselves in a stylish and individual way.

  • Rhys

    Meet Rhys, our Founder of Lowered Status, a Machine Engineer by Skill who's mission is to ensure your experience of Lowered Status is unforgettable, lowering one car at a time!

  • Rebecca

    Meet Rebecca, our go-to admin and maintenance pro who's always here to lend a hand! - as well as keeping Rhys's head screwed on!

  • Leandro

    Meet Leandro, our talented Lead of Web Management, Design, Photography and more, dedicated to bringing Lowered Status to life!

  • Alex

    Meet our Gadg (AKA Alex), sharp shooter of the east, capturing quality images to share, behind the scenes logistics and ShotByCrew OG

  • Marcis

    Meet our Marcis, craft wizard of videography, capturing moments in motion and ShotByCrew OG

  • Andre

    Description to come soon!

  • Liam

    Description to come soon!

  • Viktor

    Description to come soon!

  • Sophie

    Meet Sophie, our Key Co-ordinator of Resource research, Marketing research, Modelling and more, enthusiastic about keeping Lowered Status the place to be!

  • Jack

    Description to come soon!

  • Charlotte

    Description to come soon!

  • Dom

    Meet our Dom,

  • Ben

    Description to come soon!

  • JT (Jack)

    Meet Jack, passionate about cars and all that is Lowered Status, Jack is a qualified TIG and MIG welding magician! Jack intends to take his Ibiza to the next level and create an iconic Ibiza twist, Lowered Status supporting him on his journey!

  • Space Available

    Ignite Your Drive: Become a Voice for Our Car Club!

  • Affiliate Program

    As an Affiliate of Lowered Status, you're able to help the brand, gain 5% discount for you and your referrals, whilst also earning rewards!

    To apply, send us a message below with as much details on why you would be an excellent affiliate!

The ShotByCrew

Creating Powerful Content for Lowered Status - The ShotByCrew helps us bring our content to life!