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Kyle - Subaru STI WRX EJ2.35 - EngineTuner +700HP mapped

Kyle - Subaru STI WRX EJ2.35 - EngineTuner +700HP mapped

Rhys Midwinter |

The list is huge!! Kyle was kind enough to write this out for us in such detail! 

Instagram: @black_gold_wrxsti 

So, the engine is new ej22 block machined and stroked to a 2.35l runs manley turbo tuff rods arp625 bolts and mahle supersport 2618 pistons 14mm headstud conversion new jdm big port heads that where then ported even more runs full supertech valvetrain with +1mm inconel valves and stage 2 custom cams. That's the block 🤣 built to take over 1000+bhp

Then there is the fuel system 1 huge intank lift pump that pushes the fuel to a custom enginebay mounted 1l swirl pot then with a further 2 aem400 fuelpumps push the fuel through a undercarriage mounted fuel cooler and into the radium engineering 8 Injector rails (normally only have 4) I then run 4x 1050cc injectors and 4x850cc.

Exhaust and turbo is a rcm gt spec headers to a 3" rotated turbo with turbosmart external waste gate that's plumbed back into the down pipe my turbo is a new garret g35-900 all the exhaust and turbo have been thermal lagged by @thermomet this stuff is next level!

Next is a custom 4.5" intercooler with custom fabricated boost pipes to mate with my one of a kind inlet manifold

So the inlet manifold was benchflowed and flowed more than the cosworth alternative this is from 2.5na legacy was only one avaliable and came from Germany I had all the boost pipes and manifold coated in ferrari textured red. I run 4" induction kit

I run a boomba racing 76mm throttle body straight from usa.

I run a csf Pro radiator use these on porsche le mans cars.

My oil system is a 12mm upgraded oil pump over the stock 10mm and a I run a full group n wrc baffled sump with a rcm track air oil separator that's feeds back into the sump.

Clutch is a exedy extreme twin plate clutch!

Coilovers are bilstein b16 upgraded whitleine anti rolls bars front and back plus solid drops links and anti lift kit along with there custom track rod ends. Group n top mounts all round

Performance friction 2 piece floating discs and carbon pads.

I have owned the car 11/12 years now complete standard when I bought it with 48k miles and 3 owners but 2 where in same family so technically 2 owners lol

It's in 18l paint code quite rare

The car is a genuine impreza wrx sti not just the wrx.

It's made to look a little bit of a sleeper sort of oem plus nothing to mad on the outside.

She runs 715bhp/620lbft on pump fuel but can run race fuel which will bump it to the 800 mark

Due to the work and the thermal lagging full boost is 4k and usually imoreza redline around 7/7.5k revs this will rev out to 8.8k and hit a hard limit at 9k


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